The Team

The Team

Scott Byrne

Scott serves as an Investment Advisor Representative in the West Michigan area. He is responsible for assessing clients' current financial situation, discussing and developing a plan focused on their future goals, developing a customized portfolio based on their unique investment objectives, continually tracking the investments and communicating regularly with clients to update the plan.

Scott is a people person who is very passionate about helping others.  He finds it very empowering to help someone make educated decisions about their financial future.  Scott has a unique way of educating his clients.  He strives to simplify complicated concepts like investments, retirement, and pensions, by drawing pictures and using common terminology.  Many of his clients have switched from another adviser because of his ability to talk to them, rather than at them.

Scott worked in the golf industry before he switched over to the financial world. "I enjoyed the golf business tremendously," he states. "Planning and organizing leagues and outings, creating an enjoyable experience for 200 people every day, managing your staff to be on the same page - it provided many of the building blocks for my practice today." As a husband and father, Scott knows the importance of having financial stability and works hard to help his clients plan for a successful retirement, no matter what their financial situation may be.

When Scott is not at work, you will find him with his family at the ballpark watching baseball.  He is also a die-hard Detroit Lions fan.  Scott is active in the American Legion, and an honorary life member of the Sons of the American Legion #258. In addition, Scott enjoys spending time on the lake and golfing.

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Todd Olson

Todd Olson is the leader of our Pension and Retirement Planning Team at Compass Financial Partners.  His goal is to educate and help you develop plans for your retirement. He also stays informed about changes made to the pension system and communicates how these changes will affect clients and their retirement.

Todd started his professional life in education.  He worked as a teacher for eight years before deciding to make a career change and work with people in a different environment.  Drawing from his background in education, Todd is dedicated to helping his clients plan for a successful future. Todd investigates both investment and insurance products to help his clients build a solid foundation for their family’s financial household.

Outside of the office, Todd loves playing his guitar around the house.  He can sometimes be found at an open mic night or singing karaoke.  He also plays hockey in a local men’s league, and is quite the sketch artist.

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Dave Sawinski

David Sawinski serves as the President of Compass Financial Partners.  David’s responsibilities include managing and monitoring the on-going operations at Compass Financial Partners.  David is devoted to helping his clients strive to achieve their retirement goals and making sense of the financial landscape for everyone.  David loves to solve problems by using factual analysis rather than emotional perspective.

When David was in school, his focus was on business and management.  After college, David was a Director of Operations at the Amway Grand Plaza and Director of Food and Beverage Operations for the Marriott Hotels. His attention to detail has served him well throughout his career. David is now a highly-esteemed Financial Advisor with over twenty-five years experience.

David’s most memorable moments in life were the birth of his children.  Having children changed his priorities.  He is focused on caring for others, which is one reason why he is such a good advisor.  David’s hobbies include SCUBA diving, boating, and camping with his wife and children.

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Julie Graham

Julie Graham is the Office Manager of Compass Financial Partners. Her duties include the daily office operations, communicating with clients, scheduling appointments, and processing paperwork.  Julie truly loves what she does and advocates for all our clients.  She works tirelessly in an effort to provide our client's with exceptional customer service.

Julie previously worked as an office assistant at the YMCA.  While she enjoyed the customer interactions there, she wanted to be more involved and have a stronger impact on people.  She found Compass Financial Partners to be the perfect setting for her to work.  Julie is involved with every client transaction throughout the whole process.  She is also the friendly voice that answers the phone when clients call.

Julie has five grown children and is happily married.  Julie and her husband enjoy staying active.  When she is not at work, you can find her running, kayaking, boating, jet skiing, horseback riding, and taking road trips on her motorcycle.  Julie has also volunteered for Relay for Life for the last ten years. 

Liz Roque

Liz Roque is a Client Service Specialist.  Liz is responsible for interacting directly with clients and investment companies.  She sets client appointments, reviews and completes all paperwork, and follows up on all transactions to ensure they are complete.  Liz is tasked with ensuring that processing of the new business and the overall workflow of the office is smooth and efficient.

Liz started her adult career working at a credit union.  After she had her second child, Liz decided to work part time at the YMCA while staying home with her little ones.  Now that her children are in school, Liz was eager to get back to work. Liz makes a great addition to the Compass Financial team with her enthusiasm and positive attitude.

Liz is constantly busy with her children.  Between volunteering in their classrooms and driving them to various activities, she doesn’t have time for much else.  When Liz does find some spare time, she enjoys sewing and reading a good book.

Matt Wynalda

Matt Wynalda is the Investment Advisor Representative at Compass Financial Partners of West Michigan.  Matt builds financial plans for people based on the client’s goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.  Matt is known as being heavily detail-oriented.  His goal is to go above and beyond the standard level of service by attempting to put himself in his client’s shoes in an effort to give them the best options for their unique situation.

Matt attended Hope College and started school in the engineering program.  Matt then realized he had a knack for finances when he traded stocks on his own as a hobby and did well.  He decided to switch to a double major management and economics since he enjoyed the financial world so much.  As a financial advisor, he would have the added benefit of helping others with their finances.  While in college, Matt met his wife, Eve.  They married shortly after graduation and now have two beautiful daughters.

Personally, Matt is passionate about enjoying the outdoors.  When you can’t find him working, just look in his tree stand hunting or on a boat fishing.  Matt is also an avid golfer.  He is now getting to enjoy these activities on a deeper level as he has begun to teach his daughters archery and how to swing a golf club.  He just hopes their passion for these activities continue as they reach their teenage years.  Matt is truly a family man that has a lot to offer his clients.

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